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Native Traditions Collection

Apache Peridot born of fire the August birthstone is found in the worlds largest known deposit on the Apache Reservation in Arizona. Only Apache miners are allowed to recover the world class gems on the 1.86 million acre reserve. Respectful representatives and caretakers of Turquoise, Andradite Garnet, Chrome Pyrope Garnet, Slaughter Mountain Fire Agate, Pink Chalcedony, Moonstone , Chrysocolla and and other finely colored natural stone. Precious elements for collection, trade, and study. Advocating First Nation business in Global Trade.

Hon Dah

(Come In)

"Peridot Mesa" on the San Carlos Apache Reservation. This is home to the Peridot mines where Apache miners recover America's most prolific gem, Apache Peridot also known as Arizona Peridot.

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