Slaughter Mountain Fire Agate

This colorful rare chalcedony dispersion of the spectrum of color originates from layers of iron oxides trapped in silica layers similar to colorful displaying opals. Apache Nation Miners supply the highly prized agates from deep within the mountain ranges of the Nde Nation also known as the Apacheria recorded upon Spaniard maps of the 1500's. Ancient traditions of collection help join this rare element to the American Gemstone category as an Indigenous Trade Currency. Elusive for years as only a trickle to a limited circle of eccentric seekers of exotic gems.

Compounded by remote source location and sporadic productions of this Fire laden jewel causing rarity and of highest demand for the finest variety in Fire Agates world wide. A variety of agate containing inclusions of goethite or limonite, producing an iridescent effect or "fire" is where and how this beautiful ultra-rare American Gemstone gains it's name. The Apache Nation holds a bounty of beautiful exquisite

Mohs hardness: 7.0 - 7.5

Crystallography - Hexagonal, microcrystalline. This type of Quartz occurred as a result of hydrothermal vents percolation of mineral rich solutions allowing seams of these Botryoidal formations of Clear caps with Iron Rich base forming iridescent earth stoned hard durable agatized cryptocrystalline chalcedony a perfect gem, as seen in the photo above.

Refractive Index: 1.544 - 1.553

Specific Gravity - 2.651




Formation: Hydrothermal Environment of Volcanic Basalt Fields

Available in Rough, Pre-Forms or Polished Free Form Carvings, Cabochons, Objects and Beads from a number of Local and International Lapidary Artists


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