White Horse TM

Calcium Magnesium (Ca,Mg) and Silicate (SiO2)

The original White Horse an Apache Gem found in Arizona is from the San Carlos Nation. Respectfully recovered this Calcium Magnesium Silicate is a recent addition to the American Gemstone growing family. Associated with volcanic and magnesium rich geology these richly mottled White Calcite & Earth Tone Spider Web Gem rich character appreciating in time. The hardness of agate with hydrothermal intrusion alteration it's evolution, this gemstone is both beautiful and durable as a highly qualified heirloom, an American Treasure.



Laboratory Technician Eric F.: " I have a sample of true White Buffalo...matches your material nicely. Send me your email and I'll send you the spectrums."

Raman Spectroscopy Analysis:

White Horse is from the San Carlos Apache Nation an Exclusive Source. Rough is carefully sawn and proven for lapidary gemstone use before released. Limited remote access on reservation adjacent to National Wildlife Reserves, managed federally by the U.S. Forest Service is the historical geological location for a wide range of popular white colored stones rich in jaspers.

White Horse is well formed at high temperatures offering mirror polish, hard edges, durability and Providence of Geological Origin Authenticates Value. Earth tones and shades of Translucent to Opaque Pure White Clear to Spider Web Gems. Invest to the original authentic source

Mohs hardness: 7.0 - 7.50

Formation: Hydrothermal Metamorphic Environment

Available in Blocked Rough, Cabochon, Carvings, or Beads.


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