The Chameleon Demantoid Garnet with color and dispersion beyond diamond, rarest variety of all the Garnet family with body colors of cognac to green gems. Apache Nation Miners supply the highly dispersive jewel as one of the newest additions to the American Gemstone category. Elusive for many years by deposit location and rarity these stones display an intense fire of rainbows in every color of the spectrum. Golden, Straw, and Cognac body colors are stunning as accent or center stones. Greens being the rarest and most sought after. The location produces World Class specimens breaking text book definitions of what this variety of garnet is known for. Demantoid forms as a pure end member seldom seen in garnets or other Andradite locations. The look of colored Diamond and the brilliance within the Apache Golden Cognac and Green Demantoid Andradite are unmatched. One of only few known gem producing deposit on continental America we offer these precious elements in polished stones to diamond cut standards. Apache Fire Andradite Garnet like no other - All Natural - Respectfully Recovered - Authentically Phenomenal American Colored Gemstone

Mohs hardness: 7 - 7.5

Crystallography Isometric

Refractive Index: 1.89 - 1.95

Dispersion 0.057

Specific Gravity 3.70- 4.10

Composition: Ca3 Fe2 (SiO4)3, Calcium iron silicate

Available in calibrated shapes and sizes 1.5mm up to 1 ct. Contact us for details.

Rare Fine Andradite Mineral Specimens available now 2014 - 2015


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