Apache Peridot

"Chrome Peridot"

Heart of the Earth, carried by volcanic vents from the outer mantle, and born of fire. Respectfully harvested on the San Carlos Reservation in Arizona by Apache Nation Members exclusively. Apache Peridot Gems are recovered up to 50 feet deep in volcanic lava flows originating from Earth's outer mantle. Apache Miners supply the world markets for "Arizona Peridot "  the August birthstone. San Carlos Peridot Mesa is currently the largest known deposit of gem quality Peridot.  Apache stones are also known for the deepest Saturation of color. Quantities of Chrome Diopside bombs are present in the gem bearing layers of Peridot Mesa Canyon Mines.  Peridot is a healing crystal recognized around the world and throughout history for abundant metaphysical properties and are respected as sacred gemstones.

Properties thought to be held by the stone include giving the bearer abilities to overcome adversity.

Moh's hardness: 6.5-7

Composition: (Mg Fe)2 SiO4

Arizona Peridot  


Available in calibrated shapes and sizes 1.5mm up to 1 carat in limited quantities. Contact us for details on custom or special order items.

Mineral Specimens for research or collection



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