Gem Andradite Garnet San Carlos Arizona

Natural Colored Stone 

Polished and rough precious stone productions. Representing producing locations of the southwest United States.  


Polished Gemstones Rough Stones
Apache Peridot Apache Turquoise

  Apache Andradite Garnet


  Apache Peridot Arizona

 Dine` Chrome Pyrope Garnet


Sonora Sunset Pink Chalcedony

 Apache Demantoid Garnet


Apache Tear San Carlos
 Apache Chrysocolla


Slaughter Mountain Fire Agate
 Sonora Sunset Pink Chalcedony


Fine Andradite Specimens
 Gem Silica


Peridot in Matrix
 Fine Quartz


Apache Turquoise Chrysocolla
Slaughter Mountain Fire Agate Southwest Flame Jasper
California Tourmaline White Opal
Apache Turquoise Crystal Mountain Silver Quartz
  Saguaro Desert Stone   Apache Granite  
  Apache Turquoise Chrysocolla ~ Sleeping Beauty Range

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